Integrated land and resource management panel
of Chapais-Chibougamau

The territory of the Integrated land and resource management panel of Chapais-Chibougamau includes the forest management units (FMU) 026-64 and 026-66 for a total surface of 962 380 hectares. 35% of this surface is considered unproductive, 1% is excluded from the FMUs and 6% is excluded from the forest possibility.

You are a member of a group of users of the forest territory and wish to assert the concerns and the expectations of your group towards the planned forest activities management as delegate ? See if your group is already represented according to the list of composition to the right and in the denial, submit to us your application with the form of designation of a delegate (on-line form).

Send us the completed form at :

Composition as of December 7th, 2020
Delegates and alternates
User group Delegate   Alternate
Chief of the community and/or Mayor and/or Chairperson of the locality Steve Gamache    Denise Larouche
Manon Cyr    
BGA Denis Chiasson   Julie Boilard
Félix Plante   Dave lepage
PRAU Miriam Audrey Lessard Légaré   Kim Régimbald Bélanger
Wildlife reserve manager Mireille Gravel    
Outfitter Jean Blanchard   Fernand Potvin
Agricultural leaseholder Normand Boucher   Raymond Bouchard
Tallyman/Trapping permit holder/Local trappers association      
Environment and water Johnny Dixon   Johny Cooper
Silviculture companies      
Forestry workers (mill)      
Forestry workers (forest)      
Joint working group Henry George Gull   Arthur Bosum
Local economic development Stéphanie Houde    
Non-wood forest products Martial Pouliot    
Off-road vehicle Martin Blanchet   Dominic Gilbert
Vactioners Régis Simard   Daniel Savard
Mining industry - development      
Mining industry - exploration Martin Perron   Sylvain Lépine
Tourism/forest recreation/culture     Joanik Linteau
Hunters/fishermen/wildlife observers      
Energy/biomass Pascal Tremblay    
Youth groups      
Women's groups     Danielle Meilleur
Seniors groups Daniel Forgues    
Organisation Observer
GREIBJ Johanne Morasse
MFFP-Forest Serge Bergeron
Christine Morin
Cree Nation Government Stéphane Ouellet
Nicolas Lemieux
James Bay Regional Administration  
Cree-Quebec Forestry Board Amélie Dusseault